1. Make sure to let your Spyder cool down before working on it
2. Start by removing the 2 bolts at the flansch (RT) and loosen clamp (RS)(see pic 1)
3. Then remove the  upper bolt at the brackett (see pic 2)
4. Remove the exhaust
5. After you removed the exhaust you have access to remove the carbon gaskett (see pic 3) 
    at the flansch
6. Install the Spyder Attitude exhaust by slipping the pipe onto the pipe at the flansch an hand 
    tighten the clamp
7. Put the bolt with one washer through the upper mounting point (rear foot peg on RS), slide 
    mounting brackett on then washer and nut and thighten. (see pic 4)_
8. Adjust and line up the exhaust and thighten the clamp and brackett. (see pic 5)
9. Start up your Spyder, check for exhaust leaks around the clamp, if non let Spyder idle for about 
    5-10 min. so the computer can adjust itself.
10. Take your Spyder for a test ride, after that make sure all fittings and clamps are tight. 
Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 3
Pic 4
Pic 5