Spyder ST & RS,GS
(2013-2016 model year only)
Our exhaust is a bolt on application and it doesn't require special mechanical skills. It's made of aluminized or stainless steel with a glasspack muffler. 
This glasspack muffler does NOT have to be repacked after so many miles, like many other glasspack mufflers. 
Does not require any re-mapping of the computer, a juicebox nor a O2 modifier!
Keeps your engine running cooler, better mpg, more power. 
Comes with all the hardware and install instructions on the web.
Install is simiular to the Spyder RT instructions.

Will fit all 2013-2016 ST, RS, GS models
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STS-18-B Single Black
STS-18-C Single Chrome
STD-12-B Dual Black
STD-12-ST Dual Stainless
STD-12-C Dual Chrome
STS-12-B Single Black
STS-12-ST Single Stainless
FREE Shipping in the USA
Cat-Bypass for all RT & 2013-2016 ST,RS models
Set of Gaskets (2pcs)
STD-12-C   dual chrome
(special order)
STS-18-C  single chrome
(special order)
STD-12-ST  dual stainless
STD-12-B  dual black
"Short n Loud" works with or without primary muffler
slip on style muffler
STS-12-B   single black
STS-12-ST  single stainless
FREE Shipping in the USA!
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STS-18-B  single black
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