The Bypass replaces the Primary Muffler with a set of engineered piping made of aluminized steel and coated with high heat ceramic paint.
Each kit is custom made in the US, comes with all the hardware.
The bypass kit will reduce the heat coming of the area around your feet.
Current tests show, NO additional equipment (like juice box and O2 modifier) is needed. 
Depending on choice of aftermarket muffler, some (little) back firing is possible.
If you expierience a lot of back firing or running to lean, you may want to consider additional fuel management equipment.
(try ethanol free gas or fuel aditive *StarTron* recommended)​No special mechanical skills required for install.
Detailed install instructions will be provided on the bottom of this website.
​Replacing the gaskets at the down pipe is recommended

S1A and his owner(s) are not responsible for any performance issues, voided warranties or any damage to your vehicle or any other vehicle after installing any of S1A products.
S1A products may not comply with your local laws and are intended for closed course competition.
Taxes and Shipping included
Cat-Bypass for all RT & 2013 ST,RS models
Set of Gaskets (2pcs)
FOR ALL RT's up to year 2013 and all ST, GS, RS MODELS from year 2013 forward