Customer Testimonials

OH YEH! Great sound...Spyder ATTITUDE is the right name! 

Thank you, Karsten, you make a terrific product with obvious attention to details.

I just installed a SPYDER ATTTITUDE muffler from SPYDERLOVER Schultzi. Wow! It reminds me of how my '55 Chevy sounded when I went cruisin' with the boys to look for girls back in the day. (Never really did pick up any...just looked )
I've had Stock, 2 Bothers, Hindle, and HMF and IMO this is the best sound yet!

I finally got around to putting it on today. Let me start by saying, I had a heck of a time getting off the existing exhaust.  There was alot of  and alot of that  . I am mechanically challenged and lacking all the right tools which adds to the frustration level. That being said, i did eventually get it off without injuring myself or the bike. 

Installing the new pipe was actually fairly easy, but trust me, the  was still flying. Slid the pipe over the spyders pipe, tightened the clamp, put the bolt on the hanger(same exact setup as original) and was ready to fire it up.

The first thing that came to mind once I got off the ground to look at it was, that humungous thing hanging off the side of the bike was gone!! Instant Jenny Craig, i'm guessing around 25 lbs of weight loss? 

I fired it up and it sounded just like the video karstens posted, it was awesome. No more sewing machine sounds!! It is also louder than the OEM, I have nothing else to compare it to. It idled very nicely for 10 minutes, revved it a few times and was ready to take it on the road.
Took it for about 15 minute ride, just waiting for it to fall off  or something. At cruising speed I thought the sound was good, louder but still could listen to the radio. When you give it some throttle, it sounds like a beast although nothing like the HD that passed me. The bike also seemed to have some more jump to it esp since I was 2 up. I'll ride later by myself to see how it feels then.
All, in all, I would say i'm happy with the pipe, the price including shipping was fine, it appears to be made well(welding was fine) but like anything else, time will tell. I like the weight loss for sure, what seems to be snappier takeoffs and if i get a few extra MPG's, that will be good also.

Put about 60 miles on the bike tonight 1 up.
1. Def has more power, seems noticeable to me.
2. Very nice throaty sound at idle and when stopping. Nice!
3. Loud on the throttle, but to me the engine seems loud also.
4. At speed i would say its 2x-3x louder than the stock.
Will check mileage over the next week.
I'm on my second tank full since putting the new exhaust on and pretty happy with the results thus far.
142 miles traveled, gasoline warning came on and probably drove 20 miles with it on before stopping. It was late tonight and i didn't have my back-up cans with me. Plus, SHE would have killed me if i ran out at 1am 
Anyway, it only took 3.961 gallons as i let it shut off where it normally shuts off. Heck, i could have made it home 
35.84 MPG's/ This tank was 55% 2 up, and 55% local travel, 45% highway.
Not too shabby as i just crossed the 1100k mark.
The pipe sound at cruising speed 55-65MPH is very tolerable and i can hear the music from the spyder clearly.
It idles great as you can hear in the first post and when on the throttle you will be heard for sure.

John Darling:
Only took about an hour
to put on. The hardest part was loosening the original
bolts. It sounds great.